Puppy Selection Process

First-Come, First Served - Families select  their puppy on Go-Home Day (8 weeks after puppies are born) in the order of Reservation. 


Reservations - Reservations are made by making a $500 non-refundable deposit on a specific litter.  You lock up your spot when we receive your deposit.

$500 Non-Refundable Deposit - Your deposit reserves your pick on a specific litter.  If the puppy you want is not available when it's your turn to pick, you can choose to roll your deposit forward to a later litter.  You will move to the next available spot on whatever litter you choose to  move to.   

Waitlist - Litters average 6-8 puppies so we take up to 6 deposits prior to the puppies being born.  We also take 2 waitlist reservations and these reservations do not require a deposit.  When the puppies are born, if there are more puppies than we have deposits, we contact the first waitlist family and give them the option to pay a deposit to reserve the 7th pick and so on until all puppies are reserved with deposits.


Go-Home Day - We schedule Go-Home Day (8 weeks after puppies are born) as soon as the puppies arrive.  We make 30-minute appointments on Go-Home day starting at 10AM for the first reservation, 10:30AM for the second reservation, etc. Families choose their puppy from those available at their appointed time.  If you are not able to be at our house on Go-Home Day, we will make arrangements for you to select your puppy (via FaceTime at your appointment time on Go-Home Day or you can prioritize them prior to Go-Home Day either in-person or via FaceTime).

Breeder Picks - We always hold the first one or two reservations of each litter to keep for our breeder program.  We may choose to keep two from a litter or possibly only one or even none.  We always show the first one or two picks as reserved on our Current Litters and Upcoming Litters pages of our website until we make a final decision on what we will keep, if any, from each litter.  So, if you have the 3rd reservation, it's possible that you will actually get the 2nd or even 1st selection depending on what we decide to keep and we don't typically make our decision until the pups are 6-7 weeks old.

Labradoodle Pricing

C Bar S Labradoodles requires a deposit of $500 to reserve a Labradoodle puppy.  The deposit is made for a puppy from a specific litter.  Puppy's are selected by families on go-home day in the order the deposits are received. This deposit is non-refundable and deposits are accepted only after your Labradoodle Adoption Application has been received. If we do not have the gender/color combination you want when it come time to make your selection, we will roll your deposit forward to the next litter.

The prices quoted here include sales tax but DO NOT include a PayPal or Credit Card fee:

Australian Labradoodle Puppies - $2,850 companion pet (no breeding rights)

If you are interested in a puppy with full breeding rights, please contact us directly for more information.

These prices include vet health check, weekly wormimg, first puppy vaccinations and microchip implant. Our Labradoodle puppies are sold as companion pets with limited registration (no breeding rights). Your deposit reserves your pick position and families select puppies in the order deposits were received.

Weekly pictures of the puppies will be posted on the Current Litters page of our website.  A puppy selection and go-home date (at approximately 8-weeks of age) will be communicated to all depositors by email as soon as the puppies are born.  A specific schedule for go-home day will be communicated around the 6th week. Final payment is due on or before go-home date.

Until the pups are fully vaccinated, they are very prone to various diseases.  For that reason, we do not allow visits until go-home day. For puppy selection on go-home day, we bring the puppies to a portable pen in our front yard (weather permitting) to limit exposure to any other litters we have at that time.  We appreciate your understanding these efforts to keep your puppy and all the puppies safe and healthy.

Shipping: We do not ship our puppies as we do not believe this is in the best interest of the puppy's health and welfare. However, for a fee of $750 we will personally deliver a puppy to the international airport of your choice within the continental US where you will meet us to pick up your new family member. 

Payment Methods:

PayPal: PayPal is the payment method of choice for deposits. We do NOT accept final payments via PayPal.  It's free to set up a PayPal account. Just go to www.PayPal.com/sendmoney and choose the "Send to Friends and Family" option (no processing fee).  Otherwise, pay the amount due plus 3% to cbarslabradoodles@gmail.com or PayPal.me/cbarslabsanddoodles (e.g. for a $500 deposit, pay $515 ($500 x 103%)).


Personal Check: Make checks payable to C Bar S Labs & Doodles, LLC for the amount due (no processing fee). If final payments are made by personal check, checks must be received and clear the bank before go-home day. Let us know and we will provide our mailing address. 

Cash and Cashier's Checks: In addition to Personal Checks (cleared by go-home day), final payments can be made via Cash or Cashier's Check. Cashier's Checks should be made payable to C Bar S Labs & Doodles, LLC.   

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