Current Litters

Cookie | October 27, 2021


We are happy to announce the arrival of Cookie's and Boone's puppies.  Cookie had ten beautiful puppies including 6 girls and 4 boys. Three girls are chocolate and three are red. All four boys are cream. 


Cookie is absolutely stunning!   Her graceful gate, shimmering coat and striking green eyes catch the attention of onlookers when she is out and about with her guardian.  Cookie is calm and gentle by nature but will surprise you with her readiness for an athletic game of chase.  Cookie lives with her guardian family in Bridgeport, TX.  Cookie weighs 36 lbs.


Boone is a handsome boy with a friendly, gentle and curious demeanor and is the best dog-buddy ever. He loves attention from adults and children alike, and he literally leaps and bounces through the pasture whenever he gets a chance. He enjoys a great game of fetch for as long as you are willing, and prances back proudly with your item of choice. He is excited to meet any new dogs that come his way and is a big tail wagger. He is often complimented on his calm demeanor and his beautiful, soft and shed-free coat. Boone weighs 32 lbs.

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Important Dates

Breed Date:     August 25, 2021

Birth Date:     October 27,  2021

Go-Home Date:  December 22, 2021

Cookie's Candy Bar Litter
5 Weeks Old - December 1

120221 Almond Joy (f) orange.heic

Almond Joy (F)

120221 Baby Ruth (f) yellow.heic

Baby Ruth (F)

120221 Heath (m) Lt blue.heic

Heath (M)

120221 Milky Way (m) brown.heic

Milky Way (M)

120221 Hershey (f) purple.heic

Hershey (F)

120221 Nestle (f) red.heic

Nestle (F)

120221 Butterfinger (f) pink.heic

Butterfinger (F)

120221 Mars (m) black.heic

Mars (M)

120221 Reeses (f) white.heic

Reeses (F)

120221 Snickers (m) Dk blue.heic

Snickers (M)

Stella | November 15, 2021


We are happy to announce the arrival of Stella's and Duke's puppies.  Stella had seven beautiful puppies including 5 girls and 2 boys. Three girls and both boys are white with black markings; one of the girls is solid white and one is cream with a white diamond on her head.  


Stella Rose's striking parti mix catches everyone's attention!  She has a beautiful, thick fleece coat with a perfect conformation. Her temperament is fun-loving and playful. Stella is full of personality and loves to play fetch no matter the time - day or night!  Stella weighs 35 lbs. 


Duke is a sweet, playful, fun-loving boy who is good with kids, other dogs, and has the sweet tempered disposition that we strive for.  He has a beautiful soft coat, solid conformation and a personality that lights up the room. We look forward to seeing the pups he produces starting in the spring of 2020. Duke lives with a loving guardian family in Haslett, TX. Duke weighs 34 lbs.

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7 Available            

Important Dates

Breed Date:     September 17, 2021

Birth Date:     November 15,  2021

Go-Home Date:  January 9, 2022

Stella's Yellowstone Litter
2 Weeks Old - November 29

112921 Avery (Lime).heic

Avery (F)

112921 Laramie (Red).heic

Laramie (F)

112921 Beth (Pink).heic

Beth (F)

112921 Mia (White).heic

Mia (F)

112921 Dutton (Blue).heic

Dutton (M)

112921 Monica (Yellow).heic

Monica (F)

112921 Rip (Green).heic

Rip (M)