Current Litters

Ava | October 2022


We are very excited to announce that Ava had nine puppies on Friday night/Saturday morning (Oct. 28 &29). She had three girls (two chocolates and a cream) and six boys (two chocolates, two reds, one cream and one caramel). A few of the puppies also have white markings. Go-home date is Friday, December 23, just in time for Christmas!

Ava is a gorgeous auburn red-head with a white chest and white paws and the most beautiful green eyes you’ve ever seen! Her wavy fleece coat is so soft and shiny – she is stunning! Besides being beautiful, Ava is loving, smart and observant  - she notices everything. She catches on to new tricks and commands very quickly and loves to please.  She is loyal, affectionate and gentle and loves meeting new people and four-legged friends.  Ava absolutely loves playing in the water whether it’s a pool, lake or puddle! And she can entertain herself for hours in the water sprinklers.  Ava weighs 27 lbs.


We partnered Ava with Boone.  Boone is a handsome boy with a friendly, gentle and curious demeanor and is the best dog-buddy ever. He loves attention from adults and children alike, and he literally leaps and bounces through the pasture whenever he gets a chance. He enjoys a great game of fetch for as long as you are willing, and prances back proudly with your item of choice. He is excited to meet any new dogs that come his way and is a big tail-wagger. He is often complimented on his calm demeanor and his beautiful, soft and shed-free coat.

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Important Dates

Breed Date:     August 25, 2022

Birth Date:   October 28, 2022

Go-Home Date:  December 22, 2022

Ava's Jammin' Litter
4 Weeks old - November 25

112522 Bruno (Black).jpg

Bruno (M)

112522 Jagger (Green).jpg

Jagger (M)

112522 Cash (Blue).jpg

Cash (M)

112522 Marley (White).jpg

Marley (M)

112522 Garth (Brown).jpg

Garth (M)

112522 Zepplin (Yellow).jpg

Zepplin (M)

112522 Iggy (Pink).jpg

Iggy (F)

112522 Miley (Purple).jpg

Miley (F)