Guardian Program

Every dog deserves to be a permanent member of a loving family! Our guardian program ensures all of our breeding dogs live the pampered life with their own forever family.  Being a guardian family for one or more of our breeder dogs can be an affordable way to have a top-quality dog as a family pet. Guardian families allow us to be an exceptional breeder of Australian Labradoodles without using kennels.  We are thankful and appreciative for the role these families play!

How it Works:  We place "pick of the litter" puppies with select, local families (preferably within 60 miles of Decatur, TX) and we retain breeding rights for the first few years.  Breeding dogs are carefully chosen for their temperament, coat and conformation.

Cost: There is a $500 up-front payment required for a breeder-dog placed with a guardian family. We pay for all breeding-related expenses including health testing. The guardian family is responsible for all routine costs of owning a dog (such as vaccinations, heart-worm, preventative care and grooming). When the guardian dog's breeding career is over, three litters for females or age 6, whichever comes first, and around 7 years of age for males, the dog will be de-sexed (spayed/neutered) at the guardian family's expense, the Guardian Contract is terminated and the registration is signed over to the guardian family. 

Requirements:  We require breeder dogs to be fed Life's Abundance All Stages dog food.  Life's Abundance is only sold on-line and we provide ordering instructions to the guardian family.  Other  requirements are outlined in a Guardian Contract that will be signed by both parties.

Application:  If you are interested in becoming a guardian family, please complete the application on our Applications page  and scan or attach and email it to us at

Haley and Joe

Haley and Joe are the guardian family for our Australian Labradoodle stud named Zebedee (Zeb).  They love Zeb and he loves them!  Haley loves training and Zeb is an eager student.  Thank you Haley and Joe!!

Marsha and Dean

Marsha and Dean are the guardian family for Izzy, our chocolate female Australian Labradoodle. Marsha wanted a puppy with a service dog temperament and trainability. Marsha, Dean and their grandkids love Izzy and she has fit right in with the whole family! Thank you Marsha and Dean! This is Izzy pictured with Audrey, Marsha and Dean's granddaughter.