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Nala | December 2022

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Nala is just the right combination of playful and calm! She is full of personality and spunk but is also happy to cuddle.  Every morning, Nala knocks over her basket of toys and picks what she wants to play with that day.  One of her favorites is an orange squeaky ball that she uses for her own little game of fetch.  Once she’s eaten breakfast and had a little morning play time, it’s nap time!  Nala is also a wonderful playmate for the grandkids – she’s lots of fun but also gentle and sweet with each of them.  Nala weighs 34 lbs.


We partnered Nala Ava with Cappo from North Austin Labradoodles and Sweet Breeze Labradoodles. He is the sweetest boy around.  His calm and gentle temperament brings so much joy and love to his guardian family.  He's smart and a quick learner.  Those personality traits are all wrapped up in a gorgeous phantom marked exterior.  What more could you ask for?  Of course, we shouldn't forget to mention how luxurious his coat is too!  Cappo weighs 35 lbs.

Two Reservations and Two Waitlist spots available

#  Reservations       

1 Held - Breeder     

2 Filled                 

3 Filled                 

4 Filled                 

5 Filled                 

6 Available            

7 Available            

#  Waitlist              

1 Available             

2 Available             

Important Dates

Breed Date:     October 14, 2022

Expected Birth Date:   December 16, 2022

Expected Go-Home Date:  February 10, 2023