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About C Bar S Labradoodles

We initially began breeding dogs in 2012 with our Silver Lab, Maya as a hobby and out of a love for nurturing and raising healthy puppies for loving families.  We get great satisfaction from providing families with the joy and love that a C Bar S puppy provides.  Prior to running our breeding business, Stacey was HR Director for an oil company and Curtis was CFO for a food company. Once Stacey retired and Curtis went into semi-retirement, we began extensive research on the Australian Labradoodle and the benefits of this breed as service and therapy dogs as well as the much sought after hypo-allergenic and low-to-no-shedding traits.  We were hooked and began our journey as Australian Labradoodle breeders in 2018 under the mentorship of Terry and Anita Main of Coastal Labradoodles in Florida (formerly Austin Labradoodles in Austin, Texas).  We are forever grateful for their guidance, expertise and professionalism in helping us get our program established.

Here at C Bar S Ranch, all our breeding dogs and puppies are registered through Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA).  Australian Labradoodles that meet the registration requirements of WALA are the most consistent breeding Australian Labradoodles that you can find.  These dogs will have a similar range of trainability and temperament as well as conformation, coat and personality. Being a WALA registered Australian Labradoodle breeder ensures to you as a puppy buyer that we are accountable and responsible to an organization that has very strict member requirements for health testing and guidelines established to protect you as a buyer as well as the breed itself. At C Bar S, we practice and follow the prenatal and post whelping puppy practices of Puppy Culture.  This program includes Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) which, according to Revival Animal Health, research shows to benefit puppies by 1) improving cardiovascular performance; 2) developing stronger heartbeats; 3) developing stronger adrenal glands; 4) providing greater tolerance to stress; and 5) providing a greater resistance to disease. 


We do everything we can to give our pups the best possible start in life and to prepare them for success with their new families.  Our commitment to breeding the highest quality Australian Labradoodles through health testing, continuous health care and the assurance of loving homes for our breeding boys and girls ensures our families that they are getting the highest quality puppy available. 


We are NOT a kennel or back yard breeder.  All our breeding dogs live in loving guardian homes that are selectively chosen as caregivers to our magnificent breeding moms and dads.  These families partner with us as ambassadors for C Bar S and allow our precious pups to be loved and cared for as a vital part of their families. Click here to learn more about our Guardian Program.


All of our puppies are well socialized on the ranch and have lots of room to romp and learn in our state-of-the-art puppy facility that we built in 2018.  All C Bar S puppies are whelped in our home.  They receive daily attention under our watchful care in the house until they reach 4-weeks of age at which point the pups are transitioned to the puppy room and facility just outside our back door.  The pups spend their last four weeks in this puppy facility learning to potty train and use the doggie-door that takes them out to a 4' x 8' run that leads to the 700 square foot play area.  The play area is filled with all kinds of obstacles, toys and climbing structures to help the pups build confidence as they learn and grow in a healthy environment. It is a true labor of love for us to raise healthy, confident, well-adjusted puppies for our families. 

C Bar S Ranch is centrally located in North Texas and is an easy drive from Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and southern Oklahoma.  Our 21 acres of ranch and farmland is the perfect environment for our Australian Labradoodles to romp and play and to raise beautiful puppies.

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